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About andrewmabbott.org

I started making web pages in 1996, but it wasn't until 2001 that I actually had a homepage on the web. The main purpose of this site is for me to improve my web development skills.

History (Major versions)

Version 4.0 (June 2009)

  • Complete refactoring of back-end PHP code into a template-based MVC architecture

Version 3.1 (June 2005)

  • Conversion of old Perl scripts to PHP
  • Last updated dates on pages
  • Fixed security hole in message board
  • Removal of unneccesary <iframe> in gallery

Version 3.0 (May 2004)

  • Less "chunky" design
  • XHTML 1.0 (Strict) compliance on all pages
  • Separated content from presentation using CSS
  • Removal of all <table>, <frameset> and <font> tags
  • New domain name and better hosting
  • Server generated gallery pages: Automatically adapts to scren-size and supports captions on photos.

Version 2.5 (December 2002)

  • Organised gallery into sections and added drop-down menus
  • Added guestbook

Version 2.0 (August 2002)

  • New content, new domain (www.andrewmabbott.co.uk) and new hosting
  • New design and colour scheme

Version 1.0 (Dec 2001)

Homepage launched on Geocities' free service.

Note on browser versions

Standards compliance allows my site to work fine in all modern browsers (Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE 7). I've hacked it to work with Internet Explorer 6 and hacked it further to work with IE 5 and 5.5, but versions older than this may have problems (unfortunately it's not possible to support older browsers while achieving forwards compatibility).

Future projects

On the coding side, there's still loads I want to do to the gallery (using geotags, keywords etc.) The design is starting to look a bit dated so I think it's time I came up with something new.