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Making a top ten is fun and something everyone should do! Check out my other website, Top Ten Project, where you'll find some excellent selections. Maybe you'll even consider submitting your own!


Ever since I started listening to music, I've made lists of my top ten songs, covering pop, soft-rock, euro-dance, metal, happy hardcore, trance, chillout and more. My most recent all time top ten was probably the one I spent the longest over yet. While it was incredibly frustrating trying to pick that handful of magical classics from thousands of tracks, I did get to listen to many delights along the way, and ultimately it was so satisfying to have come up with what I could confidently say were the ten best records ever made!


Listing my top ten movies was an easier task. Maybe because I know a lot fewer films than I do tracks or maybe I'm just not as in to movies as I am music.

Finally I popped in some listening recommendations... Enjoy!