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Recommended listening

The selection on this page is much more transient than my top ten page. Tracks may come and go - it's just a list of records that I find myself listening to a fair bit!

At home

This is a list of records that I'm currently enjoying chilling out to.

  1. Martina Topley-Bird - Anything
  2. Johnny Cash - The Mercy Seat
  3. Radiohead - Backdrifts
  4. Joy Division - Atmosphere
  5. Air - Run
  6. Kraftwerk - Radioactivity
  7. Sasha - Arkhan Asylum
  8. The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds
  9. DJ Rap - Fuck With Your Head
  10. Roxy Music - Jelous Guy

In the club

This is supposed to be my cutting edge selection of tracks that I would want to hear on the dancefloor. Harder, more uplifting and perhaps less musically excellent than the above choices. As I don't seem to get out clubbing enough, it's getting harder to come up with tracks and you may find that some of these have been around a while!

  1. Steve Hill - Alone
  2. E-Craig - The Beat Goes On (Mike Robbins Rmx)
  3. Tres Ratones Ciegos - Profesor de Educacion Fisica
  4. United Nations - Veracocha Rework
  5. Rob Tissera vs DBD - The Revolution (Hard Mix)
  6. Stimulator - Take Off (Original Mix)
  7. Paul Maddox feat Niki Mac - Reach Out
  8. Cloxx - Overdrive
  9. Rachel Auburn - White Light (Tranced Out Mix)
  10. Rio Klein - Fearless (Push Mix)